News Release :Growing Foods in Space with “Gas Phase Culture technology”

We developed a completely new method of growing plants indoor without soil named  “Gas Phase Culture (GPC) technology .” Plants are grown within “RB-type culture unit (Photo 1).”

Photo 1:RB-type culture unit:Potatoes are grown in this unit. 

【Gas Phase Culture】
Looking within the rootbox (Photo 2), you can see many roots growing in the air (gas-phase).
Good condition for the growth of the roots is automatically kept within it. 
You don’t need water pump to supply oxygen to the water.
You just put a small amount of nutrient water in the box.

Photo 2:Roots in the air within rootbox 

【RB-type culture unit  (Photo 3)】
・LED lumps are installed on the ceiling
・Rootbox has a window for monitoring roots status and harvesting crops
・Multiple units can be connected to build plant-cultivation plant corresponding to the size of the place.
・Water pump is not needed.

Photo3:RB-type culture unit

【All plants can be grown】
Crops (e.g. potato, soy), Grains (e.g. rice-plant, corn) ,Root-Vegetables (e.g.ginger, carrot,radish), Fruit-Trees (e.g. fig), Medicinal-Plants (e.g. licorice, turmeric), Vegetables…



rice harvest




GPC can be utilized in the places where it is difficult to grow plants, such as desert areas, battlefields and so on. In addition, this plant-culture method is expected to be applied in space. The time will come when you can cultivate, harvest, cook and eat every plants inside the spaceship.

GCJ CO.LTD. GC Division
Youtube:Gas Phase Culture with “RB-type plant culture unit”
PDF:NewsRelease Growing Foods in Space with “Gas Phase Culture technology”

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